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MotorStorm update released

Only US version delayed.

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Update: Sony has just confirmed to Eurogamer that the UK update is now live. Instructions are to go online first to download the patch, then go into Store and download Time Attack. If you do it the other way around it won't work - you'll have to delete the game's data utility if you've already made this mistake.

Over in the US, meanwhile, MotorStorm's 1.2 update - set to introduce Time Attack mode - has been delayed due to a last-minute big-discovery that's thrown the patch back into testing.

That's according to Felice Standifer, US producer on the game, who used Sony's increasingly helpful US blog to explain the situation.

"Right before we were planning to go live with the 1.2 updates with Time Attack mode, a new issue was found on the patch that could result in people not being able to establish a network connection," Standifer explains.

"So, unfortunately, for now we need to continue to run tests and monitor the fix to ensure that it does not occur when the patch goes live."

Time Attack had been set to breathe new life into Evolution Studios' good but short-lived racer. As you can probably guess, it lets you try and set your best time for each track and then race off against a "ghost car".

It also uploads ghosts to the PlayStation Network, and offers the chance to face off against up to seven ghosts at once - with expert times from Evolution available to compete against.

It also sorts out a bunch of bugs. For more details on the update, check out our previous coverage.

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