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Most popular Black Ops perks, guns

Clue: it's not Ninja, it's not Scout.

Out of 15 available Call of Duty: Black Ops perks, Treyarch has revealed the three that are picked most: Marathon, Sleight of Hand and Lightweight.

Marathon, a tier three perk, doubles sprint duration - and the pro version makes sprint infinite; Sleight of Hand, a tier two perk, halves your reload speed - and the pro version makes aiming down sights quicker; and Lightweight, a tier one perk, makes you run faster - and the pro version eliminates fall damage. Is this combination of three perks considered the best?

The most popular guns in Call of Duty: Black Ops are Famas, a fully automatic assault rifle; AK-74u, a submachine gun not an assault rifle like the AK-47; and Galil, another assault rifle.

The deadliest Killstreak by a long way is the RC-XD, with Attack Helicopter, Napalm Strike and Chopper Gunner close behind.

The other stats are represented by numbers so high they boggle the brain.

You think London's got problems? Black Ops has had 242 million stabbings. You think Nottingham's got problems? Over one trillion shots have been fired in Black Ops. You think America's got problems? Black Ops has witnessed nearly 600 million executions.

"IT'S OVER 9000!!!!"

You think Mel Gibson's got a good idea for a film? There have been more than 10 million paybacks in Black Ops. You think your car insurance premium is high? In Black Ops, nearly one million cars have been destroyed. You think Goose dying in Top Gun was an event? In Black Ops, nearly 1.3 million planes have been downed.

You think footballer Gareth Barry covers a lot of ground? Black Ops players have travelled a distance the size of Earth's circumference 129,069 times. You think a lot of arrows were fired during the opening scene of Gladiator? Well there were, but 3.4 billion crossbow bolts have also been let off in Black Ops.

You think throwing a tomahawk axe like you're in the Last of the Mohicans film is cool? Evidently: over 28 million players have died to the dull thud of a lobbed axe.

If Call of Duty: Black Ops were real, the population of the world would have been killed nine times over. Not even nuclear weapons can do that! And over five billion of those people would have died from a bullet to the face.

Thankfully, most of this has been caught on video - well, 43 million videos to be more precise.

Black Ops has just welcomed its first DLC pack: First Strike.