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More Ship updates

Now officially seaworthy.

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Outerlight has announced the latest patch The Ship. Apparently there were some leaks that needed addressing. [oof - Ed]

It's a sizeable list of tweaks for Outerlight's game, that mainly include minor fixes, such as an added response when you interact with a bar, or a quieter vending machine hum and clock ticking effect.

So, nothing to fill your bloomers about, but it should be plain sailing from here on out [fired! - Ed].

The Ship, originally a Half-Life mod, launched last summer on Valve's Steam service. Set in the art Deco era of the 1930s, the aim of the game is to murder people on boats: a cross between Cleudo and The Sims, wrapped up as an FPS.

You can find a full list of tweaks on the Steam website, and the updates will be automatically applied when you restart your Steam client.

Meanwhile you can skulk your way to our review of The Ship.

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