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The Ship patched

Tidied for captain's table.

Valve's opened up and pumped out further patch information, this time for Outerlight's The Ship, which has undergone some basic maintenance and sea-worthy repairs.

Localisation fixes are the main theme of the update, with further support for European territories added (Danish, Dutch, Finnish, Norwegian and Swedish), whilst implementation of existing languages has been tidied-up for the captain's table.

Minor tweaks will address the game crashing when greedy people try to pick up both a purse and a wallet, and stability on Linux Dedicated Servers has been improved.

The Ship, originally a Half-Life mod, launched last summer on Valve's Steam service. Set in the art Deco era of the 1930s, the aim of the game is to murder people on boats: a cross between Cleudo and The Sims, wrapped up as an FPS.

This update, as well as a minor addition to prepare for the imminent launch of Jade Empire on the service, will be automatically applied when your Steam client is restarted.

Sail over to our review for more information, or head over to Valve's website to see the full patch notes.

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The Ship


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