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The Ship patched up

New team modes introduced.

Outerlight's The Ship has undergone some careening and basic repairs, making good various holes in the hull as well as bolting some fancy new features onto the vessel.

Alongside an ocean of fixes, including bedpan interaction now working properly (phew), are two new team modes: Team Elimination and Team VIP.

The first of these is rather straightforward, charging you with the task of killing the other team. It works rather like the existing deathmatch mode; you'll not know where the other team are, you'll have to find them for yourself.

Of most interest is what happens if you're eliminated. Rather than become a dormant spectator, you can still take part in the game, but you will be limited by the fact you can't draw any weapons - despite being able to pick up and drop them (tactical options abound). You can also use this opportunity to spy on enemy locations.

Team VIP on the other-hand is focused around one person, the VIP. One player on each team will be assigned this role and the aim of the game is to take out the opposing team's chosen one. Your deck-plan shows the whereabouts of your VIP, with the opposing team's chief showing as your quarry. Being killed in this mode as a regular team member means losing your inventory, but you'll respawn and be able to take full part in the on-going game.

Both new team modes feature new location commands and will force one team to be all male, one all female, each squad with different costumes.

The Ship, originally a Half-Life mod, launched last summer on Valve's Steam service. Set in the art Deco era of the 1930s, the aim of the game is to murder people on boats: a cross between Cleudo and The Sims, wrapped up as an FPS.

Sail over to our review of the game for more information.

Full update notes on the fixes and new team modes can be read over on the official forum, or on the Steam website.

The updates will be applied automagically when your client is restarted.

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