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More Resistance 2 details emerge

Class-based online squad battles.

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Semi-official Sony blog Three Speech has let loose more details of the newly unveiled Resistance: Fall of Man sequel.

Action will take place in the United States, apparently, and feature partially randomised geometry to keep things fresh each time you blast through it.

Those gigantic 60-player online battles will be squad-based, and have you choose your role from one of three classes: a hardy soldier with heavy weaponry, a special ops type for ranged attacks like sniping and a medic.

Resistance 2 will matchmake you with others of your skill too, ensuring you never face a team disproportionately better than yours.

New enemies will also feature, unsurprisingly, such as Chameleon and Stalker baddies with a cloaking ability. Arnold could beat them.

Insomniac has also taken feedback from the first game to improve long checkpoints and the health system, as well as using more of the PS3 power to cram greater numbers of enemies on screen and boost their intelligence to Key Stage 2.

Yesterday US magazine Game Informer revealed its Resistance 2 cover feature, effectively announcing its arrival to the world.

The biggest new additions are a separate eight-player co-operative campaign (or two-player in local mode), and the enormous online battles.

Resistance 2 is due for release this year on PS3, according to Three Speech, and you can see the first shots over in our gallery.

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