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Monument Valley gets a two-volume vinyl soundtrack

Pre-orders go live tonight for $40.

Monument Valley is getting a fancy double vinyl soundtrack.

This 180-gram Vinyl LP will be an iam8bit-exclusive and pre-orders go live on 27th January at 6pm UK time. It will cost $40 (about £28) and ship in Q2, 2016.

It includes not only the two-volume album, but also a digital download code for Stafford Bawler, OBFUSC and Grigori's melodic tunes.

This is the first time the music from the DLC expansions Forgotten Shores and Ida's Dream have been available physically.

Monument Valley developer Ustwo even created exclusive new artwork for this release with the LP sleeves and an eight-page story booklet.

The full playlist for the soundtrack is as follows:

Volume I:

  1. Amateur Cartography
  2. The Garden
  3. Hidden Temple
  4. The Ghost
  5. Water Palace
  6. The Spire
  7. The Labyrinth
  8. The Rookery
  9. The Box
  10. The Descent
  11. Observatory
  12. At Journey's End
  13. Sounds From Shattered Seashells
  14. Inverted Island
  15. Oceanic Glow
  16. Ida's Theme

Volume II:

  1. The Chasm
  2. Forgotten Shores
  3. Untold Stories
  4. The Serpent Lake
  5. The Thief
  6. Halcyon Court
  7. The Lost Falls
  8. The Citadel of Deceit
  9. The Oubliette
  10. Nocturne
  11. Haunted
  12. Dreaming
  13. Xen
  14. An Old Friend
  15. Ascension