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Minecraft confirmed for PlayStation 4

UPDATE: And PS3, and Vita.

UPDATE: Yesterday's announcement of Minecraft for PlayStation 4 was not the whole story - Sony has now confirmed that all of its current platforms will see the mega-selling sandbox.

PlayStation 3 and Vita versions are also on the way, PlayStation rep Adam Boyes wrote on Twitter. Xbox 360 Edition developer 4J Studios will once again handle the game's console conversions.

Minecraft is currently only available for Android, iPhone, Mac, PC and Xbox 360. An Xbox One version is also on the way.

ORIGINAL STORY: Minecraft will be available on PlayStation 4, Sony has announced.

The mega-selling PC sandbox title has only been available on console so far on Xbox 360, while an Xbox One Edition was announced at E3.

Sony made the announcement mere seconds ago during its still-ongoing Gamescom 2013 press conference.

No further details were announced on when the PS4 version will launch - or what features it will have when it does.

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