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Mighty Switch Force dev WayForward remaking Duck Tales for Capcom


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Image credit: Eurogamer

Mighty Switch Force developer WayForward is remaking Duck Tales for Capcom, the publisher has just announced.

Duck Tales Remastered is a remake of the classic NES game, released in Europe in December 1990.

It's due out in the summer for PlayStation Network, Xbox Live Arcade and the Wii U eShop. It costs 1200 Microsoft Points or $15.

According to Eurogamer's US news editor Jeffrey Matulef, who attended Capcom's PAX East press conference, Duck Tales Remastered has authentic Disney Character Voices talent, including some from the cartoon TV series, hand-drawn sprites, level backgrounds inspired by the TV series and a remastered soundtrack.

Also, there are new areas, such as a museum, where you can track your stats and compare progress via global leaderboards, and Scrooge McDuck's money bin. A new tutorial level is designed to help players familiarise themselves with the pogo jump and cane swing mechanic.

The debut trailer is below.

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