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Microsoft's Phil Spencer confirms Killer Instinct for PC

"And it's the beginning for us. "

Microsoft's Xbox boss Phil Spencer has confirmed fighting game Killer Instinct for PC. It had been only available on Xbox One.

"We're going to bring Killer Instinct to the PC," he said at the PC Gaming Show this evening.

Spencer went on to say that people will be able to play on PC and then on console, "play back and forth". Presumably he means cross-platform play.

The Killer Instinct Twitter account chimed in clarifying he was announcing it for Windows 10, somewhat obviously.

"And it's the beginning for us," he added. "I could make some grandiose promises - I'm just not that person."

Killer Instinct launched with the Xbox One in 2013, as a free-to-play game. Its been adding new fighters since then.

"Killer Instinct won't win awards," we wrote in our review. "At the end of this new generation, it won't turn up in the lists of greatest console launch titles ever. And it won't cause the established fighting game creators - the Capcoms and Namco Bandais of this world - to fear for their jobs. But its heart - and its business model - are in the right place. Success!"