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Microsoft working on Mii-style avatars

So says leaked market research info.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Microsoft appears to be busy creating its own avatar system for Xbox Live, modelled on that popular Mii idea by Nintendo.

However, Microsoft plans to "provide a more lifelike, animated, and fully customisable persona", according to top secret Intellisponse research papers read by Xbox 360 Fanboy, and also aims to make it available by the end of the year.

Looking a bit more closely, it seems these avatars will replace your Gamerpicture and will also be worked into "various arcade and retail games" in a similar way that Miis appeared in Wii Sports.

We're told there are "hundreds of clothing options", and an accompanying picture shows samurai outfits, bunny costumes, and boxing attire, as well as suits, shades and all the rest of it.

The characters themselves are male and female, just like in real-life, and all vary in height and face.

One interesting avenue is the possibility for licensed attire, suggested by one of the pictured avatars decked out in an Incredibles suit.

Rumours from earlier this year put Rare as the creative force behind these avatars.

Do you want a little you on Xbox Live, Eurogamer reader?

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