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Mass Effect 3: Red head FemShep wins

She's flameous.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

The red headed female Commander Shepard has been voted the default female appearance in Mass Effect 3.

The result was announced on BioWare TV at PAX this weekend. Special guest Jennifer Hale - the voice of 'FemShep' - joined BioWare TV for the reveal.

EA has released official artwork of default FemShep. We've posted it below.

The eye-catching poster of the new FemShep, revealed on stage at PAX, is not yet freely available.

BioWare, following fan fervour, held two rounds of open voting to decide upon the appearance of the default female Commander Shepard. The first round whittled down appearances; the second round chose hair colour.

The default FemShep will appear on the Collector's Edition Mass Effect 3 box.

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