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Mass Effect 3: FemShep voting round 2

Decide on hair colour.

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The face-type for the pre-built female Shepard in Mass Effect 3 has been voted and decided on - now BioWare needs your help with hair colour.

The choices are blonde, brown, black and red.

At the time of writing, red hair is head and shoulders above the rest, with 14,457 likes on the official Mass Effect Facebook page.

In second place is black hair with 10,045 likes.

Brown and blonde hair are neck and neck with 4397 and 4198 votes, respectively.

It was blonde hair that helped the new FemShep face to its original victory. And that face-type lead from the off, which suggests red hair will go on to win this time around.

The new pre-built FemShep of Mass Effect 3 will co-exist with the returning pre-built FemShep of Mass Effect 2. You will also be able to customise your own FemShep face.

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