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Marvin the Martian joins Multiversus today

As Season 2 continues.

Following the launch of MultiVersus' second season last week, the free-to-play fighter's roster has now expanded once more, this time ushering in Looney Tunes' extraterrestrial extraordinaire Marvin the Martian.

Marvin's imminent arrival was teased last week as Season 2 got underway, but he officially joins the line-up today, bringing Multiversus' total number of playable fighters up to 23 - with Marvin joining recent additions such as Black Adam and Gremlins' Gizmo and Stripe.

Marvin can be unlocked with 3000 Gold, 1 Character Ticket, or 700 Gleamium, and features three signature moves. There's his B-23 Bubble Blaster, giving players the power to launch bubble projectiles, and that's joined by his K-62 Projectile Modulator - basically a big red button that will reverse the direction of allied projectiles. Finally, Marvin can plant his flag into the ground, simultaneously claiming it for Mars and sending enemies skyward.

Cover image for YouTube videoMultiVersus - Marvin the Martian Reveal
MultiVersus - Marvin the Martian Reveal.

Alongside Marvin, Multiversus' Season 2 introduces a major overhaul for the game's Battle Pass system, adding rewards to all tiers, but increasing the amount of XP needed to complete each tier at the same time. These rewards include the Baker Street Tom and Jerry skin at tier 50 of the free track, plus three paid track skins: Astronaut Velma at tier 1, Tea Time Reindog at tier 42, and Maestro Bugs Bunny at tier 50.

There's also a new in-game store, bringing all purchasable cosmetics and characters together in one place, plus a new Big Head Mode for Silly Queue. New bounce pad, proximity mine, and drum stick items (the latter being a throwable item capable of turning opponents into chickens) have also been added to Silly Mode.

Full details of MultiVersus' Season 2 additions can be found in the latest patch notes.