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Mafia 3 developer confirms new Mafia development

"A few years away."

In not-all-that-surprising news, Mafia 3 developer Hangar 13 has confirmed work is underway on a new Mafia title.

The confirmation came over the weekend from studio general manager Roman Hladík, in an interview celebrating 20 years of the series.

It was reported back in May this year that a fresh Mafia game was indeed in development at Hangar 13, and that it would apparently be set before the existing Mafia trilogy. This would place the game back in the prohibition era of the original - or perhaps earlier.

Digital Foundry examines Mafia's Definitive Edition.

Back in May, it was reported this new Mafia was still "early in development", and indeed, Hladík has now said similar - that it is "a few years away" yet.

Both Mafia and Hangar 13 have faced a turbulent few years, following a mixed reaction to its Mafia 3 back in 2016, and the costly cancellation by publisher 2K of a $53m live service project it had been working on ever since.

Hangar 13's recent Mafia Definitive Editions have been better receieved, however - revamping the series' original two games which were made elsewhere for modern hardware.

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