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Part one of the Titanic mod for Mafia out now

All aboard!

The Titanic Mod for Mafia: The City of Lost Heaven aims to put the RMS Titanic in Mafia - the team is working towards making "one of the most detailed and accurate free 3D recreations of the Titanic ever made", with players able to explore the ship in freeroam mode.

Emma reported on the mod in July, speaking with lead developer and maritime engineer from the Netherlands, Robin Bongaarts. Bongaarts has been working on the project since September 2006, and finally now a portion of it has been released.

It's worth noting part one does not include the sinking of the Titanic. This is planned for a later release. Nor does it include a fully-fleshed out storyline, or the full interior of the ship itself.

What it does include is the first sequence of the storyline and a freeroam option of the ship at sea and the Central Island Docks. Area you can explore now are both grand staircases, as well as the bath facility and the reading and writing room.

There are various things and people to interact with - you can swim, ride the lift, dine in the grand saloon, use the electric bath and enjoy the view on the deck.

"Even I couldn't imagine this moment taking place," Bongaarts said. "But it's finally there, after 15 years of development."

You can grab the Mafia Titanic Mod from moddb.com.

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