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Mafia 2 revealed

Details, first shots.

2K Games has announced today that it is bringing Mafia 2 to "next generation consoles" (i.e. 360 and PS3) and PC. A release date has yet to be revealed.

Once again developer Illusion Softworks is behind the wheel to bring us a crime-rife fictional 1940s city with a seedy mob underbelly. Promised this time around are more gunfights and car chases than we can wave a Tommy Gun at, plus a strong story told by believable characters in a strong, cinematic style.

"As the original Mafia was a big success, we are excited to leverage the power of next generation console technology to create an all-new experience, while embracing the elements that resonated with the previous game's fans," said Christoph Hartmann, Don of 2K. "The 'wow' factor of Mafia 2 is definitely the benchmark-setting visual quality and action that you expect to see only in Hollywood movies."

Mafia was originally released on PC in 2002, before being later ported to PS2 and Xbox. Its score has remained a point of contention between us and you lot ever since.

Head over to our Mafia 2 gallery for the very first and very impressive screenshots.