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Here's the first 10 minutes of Mafia 2: Definitive Edition

Family matters.

Mafia 2's Definitive Edition looks to be in the hands of some people already - footage of it running on PlayStation 4 Pro is out in the wild.

As a reminder, a leak last week saw details of 2K's Mafia Trilogy spill online alongside a more vague official tease.

The trilogy will contain Mafia 3, plus a polished up remaster of Mafia 2 and a lavish "from the ground up" remake of Mafia 1.

2K said it would reveal details officially today, while a Microsoft store listing tipped Mafia 2: Definitive Edition for launch today as well.

All of which to be the case, because here it is in action. As a reminder, this is a remaster not a remake. And it looks like you can play the game's army flashback prologue while the full thing is downloading:

Cover image for YouTube videoMafia 2 Definitive Edition New Gameplay - PS4 PRO