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"It's a little bit hard to work out without knowing the altitude of that dragon..."

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Lost Planet goodies on Friday

Mega Man and friends.

That Lost Planet PC patch we told you about yesterday will be released on 20th July. Friday, then.

That patch will be released alongside the first PC Map Pack (Trial Point, Hive Complex, Radar Field and Island 902), and the Xbox Live Map Packs that already include these arenas (numbers 1 and 2) will be reduced from 400 Microsoft points to free Xbox Live Marketplace downloads on the same day so nobody gets in a huff.

The PC patch also introduces new multiplayer character models (Mega Man, Frank West from Dead Rising, Joe from Lost Planet), two new camera angles (Resi 4-style and wide view), a cut-scene viewer for sending yourself to sleep back to back, and an option to see who's actually connected in PC multiplayer games.

Check out our Lost Planet PC gamepage for more on Capcom's first big in-house PC title, and check out the new skins in their own happy little gallery of fun and prancing.

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