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Looks like the Detective Pikachu game will finally launch outside Japan

Evidence suggests.

Detective Pikachu, a 3DS game where you solve mysteries with a talking Pikachu sidekick, launched more than 10 months ago in Japan. Until now, there's been no word of it launching anywhere else.

But, over the weekend, the game popped up on the PEGI ratings board (thanks, Serebii).

"Detective Pikachu is on the case! Investigate evidence, question possible witnesses and solve a curious mystery," the game's PEGI 3+ description reads.

There's no information on when the game will come out - it currently just has a 31/12/2020 placeholder date.

But a release now does not come as too much of a surprise, considering the recent move into production of a Detective Pikachu live-action film.

As we found out last week, the movie will, improbably, star Deadpool himself Ryan Reynolds in the title role (for motion capture and voice acting - he's not doing cosplay).