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Logitech making racing wheel for Wii

Force feedback, shellsuits back in fashion.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Logitech has decided to make a force feedback racing wheel for Wii to work with Need for Speed Undercover.

The peripheral will cost GBP 59.99, launch this November, and do futuristic things such as turn 200 degrees and feature built-in analogue gas and brake controls. It's also wireless, and reducing clutter further is the clever one-piece design.

Which all sounds rather pointless, although the Logitech Speed Force Wireless racing wheel will probably be rather good, judging by the quality of the PS3 version we tested recently.

Need for Speed Undercover was uncovered just the other day, starring Hollywood actress Maggie Q who you might remember from Mission Impossible III, Die Hard 4.0, or simply some pictures on the internet.

Head over to our Need for Speed Undercover gamepage for our coverage so far.

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