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Live-stream NASA's Mars Rover landing on Xbox 360

Satisfy your Curiosity.

NASA will live-stream the landing of Mars Rover Curiosity via the Xbox 360 dashboard, Microsoft has announced.

The Mars Rover hub is now live on your Xbox 360's home screen. When the time comes you'll need to download Microsoft's live-streaming app to watch the action.

Curiosity will (hopefully) land on Monday 6th August at 06:31 UK time.

Various NASA videos are available to watch now in the Mars Rover hub, as well as a BBC Horizon documentary to spoon-feed you more information (it includes some pretty CG mock-ups of the mission, and music from the Mass Effect soundtrack).

NASA launched the freely-downloadable Mars Rover Landing mini-game for Kinect last month. It allows you to pilot a virtual version of Curiosity and attempt to land it without crashing. There's also free Achievements.

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