Waking Mars

App of the Day: Waking Mars

App of the Day: Waking Mars

Open your miiiind.

If you simply cannot bear the thought of another match-three puzzler, or you think mobile games are good for little else but meaningless time-killing, then Tiger Style's Waking Mars has a quietly compelling argument to make to the contrary.

The game centres around an expedition that researches, experiments and then plays ecological God with the slowly waking life buried beneath the surface of Mars. After a mechanical rover disappears, your character Liang - aided by the surface-bound Amani - is sent down to investigate, but quickly realises he can only progress by increasing the amount of biological matter within each area. Doing so allows him to move past the strange membranes that divide each section from the next.

Your electronic companion ART keeps track of the research progress made on each species encountered during exploration - different types of soil welcome different plants, different creatures have different reproduction requirements, and so on. Understanding the gentle interactions between each life-form and nurturing the delicate ecosystem they represent collectively is essential for increasing each area's Biomass meter and opening the path ahead.

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