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Lies of P will release this August

Who nose what day.

Lies of P, the forthcoming Pinocchio starring Soulslike, now has a release month of August 2023.

The game has players controlling the infamous puppet - presumably shortened to P here - in a dark gothic setting that many have likened to Bloodborne.

The release announcement was made at IGN's Fan Fest 2023, with a new trailer showing off the creation of some sort of robotic monstrosity.

Lies of P release window trailerWatch on YouTube

Set in the grimy streets of the city of Krat, P is in search of Mr. Geppetto to uncover the mysteries of his creation.

Expect precise combat, intricate mechanoid bosses, and extra abilities using P's mechanical arms.

The game is developed by Round8 Studio and published by Neowiz - this is the second title from Round8 following Bless Unleashed.

Lies of P is set for release across PC, PlayStation and Xbox consoles, and is one of several upcoming titles set to launch via Game Pass on day one.

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