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Video: Let's Play Rust: Making friends and bludgeoning wildlife

Confusion reigns as Ian role-plays an eccentric monk.

It may only be early in development, but the way Rust mixes elements of games like DayZ and Minecraft together has already proved irresistible to a huge number of people who have picked it up on Steam Early Access.

As Rich Cobbett put it in our Rust alpha review, "There's more than enough here to suggest great things in Rust's future as it evolves its crafting, its combat, and clears out the zombies to further find its own niche in 2014's upcoming war of survival games."

In the meantime, we've been streaming it over on our new Twitch channel. Since not everyone has the patience for lengthy streams, though, we thought we'd edit some of the highlights together and plonked them on YouTube so you can see what the game's about in less time, and we'll probably continue to do so with other streams.

For this one, then, our own Ian Higton role-plays a wandering monk, adding an additional layer of complexity and confusion to a game where most people are already wandering around in confusion anyway, albeit while having all sorts of fun.

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