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Rust developer Facepunch cancels GDC meet-up following "IRL threats"

"This is not a statement we're happy to announce."

Image credit: Facepunch Studios

Facepunch – the team behind the survival game. Rust – has cancelled plans to attend a community meetup at the upcoming GDC event following "IRL" threats against the team.

In a statement posted to social media this week, Facepunch said that it had no choice but to cancel a planned meetup with the community "due to an IRL threat" it "must take seriously".

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"This is not a statement we're happy to announce," the company said by way of a statement posted to Twitter.

"Due to an IRL threat we must take seriously, we're going to have to cancel the GDC meetup in San Fran next week. If you would like to show us portfolios, talk shop, or get feedback on your work, reach out."

In a follow-up tweet, Facepunch added: "It's important to remember the developers are indeed human. When threats arise, we make their safety #1."

In response to PC Gamer, producer Alistair McFarlane said that such threats are "commonplace", adding that "community-facing staff see threats daily" when players and members of the "cheat community" "lash out on social media".

"These threats are very concerning and must be taken seriously," McFarlane said. "The overwhelming majority of fans are respectful and supportive, [but] there is always going to be a small subset of individuals who engage in threatening and abusive behaviour."