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LBP dev hints at another big reveal

One "people don't see coming".

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Media Molecule co-founder Alex Evans wants to do another big "reveal" for LittleBigPlanet - and reckons the game has plenty left to surprise us with.

Chatting to Eurogamer last week Evans said, "I really want to be able to do another [Game Developer Conference 2007] reveal. A lot of people say to me that when we first did that Sony GDC reveal of LittleBigPlanet, that was a big shock - people didn't see it coming. I want to do another LittleBigPlanet reveal that people don't see coming.

"It's still LittleBigPlanet, but people will be saying, 'I thought it was this - now you're telling me it's this as well?!' That excites me hugely."

You certainly can't accuse the studio of thinking small, and Alex makes no apologies for that."I started Media Molecule with my friends to go balls-out, to see what's the biggest thing we can do," he enthused. "I would love there to be a LittleBigPlanet universe of content. With a game like this, the number of directions and the breadth that you could take in, while keeping it in a self-contained universe, is insane."

As to those people finding the wait for LittleBigPlanet all too long, Alex points out that the game has actually been developed in double-quick time - and if it feels like it's been around for ages, that's because they've been open with everyone about what they're doing from the outset.

"The big thing thing there is that we've got into a real habit of throwing stuff out earlier, testing it and showing it earlier," he explained. "A lot of people ask, 'When will LittleBigPlanet be done, for god's sake?'. This is the quickest game I've ever worked on! To me, this is an in-and-out, job done sort of thing.

"I think the reason is because we showed it when it was less than a year old. If you go around and ask developers working on a new platform with a new IP whether they'd show it when it was less than a year old, those people would be like, fu** off!"

"We've got used to this idea of really baring our soul to everyone as much as possible," concluded Alex. That's going to be great for them in the future, though, he reckons. "It means that we can react to the community," he explained.

LittleBigPlanet is due out exclusively for PlayStation 3 this October.

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