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Layers of Fear dev reveals creepy new cyberpunk PC game Observer

"What would you do if your fears got hacked and used against you?"

Layers of Fear developer Bloober Team has unveiled a creepy new PC game called Observer.

Observer has the same feel as Layers of Fear - a game we called "gloriously ghoulish" in our review - but Observer is set in a cyberpunk world, a dirty digitised future. In a gameplay video aired at E3, a male player character explores a setting while talking to an AI voice, and the surreal world glitches around him, things inexplicably happening.

Then he stumbles upon a woman plugged into a machine, like in the film The Matrix. He approaches her and appears to plug himself in. Odd - but intriguing.

Cover image for YouTube videoObserver is a new horror game by the makers of Layers of Fear - Observer gameplay trailer - E3 2016

The teaser trailer's tagline is, "What would you do if your fears got hacked and used against you?"

Cover image for YouTube videoobserver_ teaser trailer

I didn't catch a release date but will ask.

Observer was announced at the PC Gaming Show, alongside several other new games. Read up on those, and other announcements from this year's E3, in our E3 guide .