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Bloober teases new Layers of Fear project, heading back to the easel

Also working on new game with Private Division.

Bloober Team, the developer behind the psychedelic horror chills of The Medium, Observer, and Blair Witch, is teasing a new project in its Layers of Fear series.

The original Layers of Fear launched in 2016, taking players on a surreal first-person horror trip through the ever-shifting home of a tortured painter, and its 2018 sequel, Layers of Fear 2 - inspired by the golden age of Hollywood - followed a brand-new protagonist on an avant-garde journey through the innards of an ocean liner and their troubled past.

Perhaps surprisingly then, Bloober's first teaser for its latest Layers of Fear project, as shared by IGN, doesn't immediately point toward a new setting and protagonist. Instead, it delivers a massive callback to the original Layers of Fear, once again focussing on a tortured painter being urged to complete his masterpiece.

Layers of Fear - Official New Project Teaser.Watch on YouTube

Indeed, the new video (simply titled "Layers of Fear - Official new project teaser") shares so much in common with the first Layers of Fear - from the framing of its easel to its period detail and general ambience - that it's not even clear if this is a sequel or an extensive update of the original game for next-gen consoles, similar to Bloober's Observer Redux. About all we currently know for sure is that it utilises Unreal Engine 5.

Bloober's new Layers of Fear project is reportedly one of three games currently in the works at the studio. As previously announced, it's collaborating with Konami on a mysterious new title (persistently rumoured to be a new Silent Hill game, despite Bloober insisting otherwise), and an unknown third project, which will be released by Take-Two publishing wing Private Division.

Hopefully Bloober will be ready to share more soon.