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Last Of Us TV series co-creator has no issue with spin-offs "in principle"

Top Bill-ing.

Bill and Frank in The Last of Us HBO adaptation
Image credit: HBO

Craig Mazin, showrunner and co-creator of HBO's The Last of Us adaptation, is open to series spin-offs "in principle".

Speaking to The Wrap, Mazin stated the team hadn't spoken about spin-offs themselves, as everyone's keeping their focus on the games' main narratives of Joel and Ellie.

However, while the showrunner may not be dipping his toe into the spin-off waters any time soon, he is "not against the idea of other shows that may draw from these characters or that world".

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"I don't know how much more 'The Last of Us' I personally would be able to do. I mean, these shows are so big, I'm sort of burning one of the precious few remaining decades I have on telling this story," Mazin admitted.

"But in principle, I have no issue with it whatsoever. And I'm sure Neil [Druckmann, series co-creator and The Last of Us writer] would be interested as well."

Continuing with this train of thought, Mazin said if there was a story to tell in this world, and it made sense to tell it, then he "didn't see why not".

However, he said that if a spin-off does eventually manifest, he would want it to be approached with the same "care and respect and love" as the HBO team has shown to its own series.

Personally, I would love to see more from Graham Greene's Marlon, or perhaps something with Tommy and Maria before Joel arrives in Jackson.

Tommy in The Last of Us
Maria in The Last of Us
Tommy and Maria in The Last of Us. | Image credit: HBO

Earlier this year, Mazin revealed that the initial episode of The Last of Us' second season has been written. In fact, the showrunner knows where the whole season is going (as a reminder, season two will not cover the entirety of The Last of Us Part 2). However, due to the ongoing Writers Guild Of America strike, production has been halted.

Last month, Mazin said he was keen to get back to work on the show, which is currently due to return in 2025.

"We're going to do other things that are in the game and we're gonna do some things that are in the game but we're gonna do them differently in our own method," he teased on The Last of Us' next season.

"No matter if you have played the game or not. You will be surprised as the season unfolds. We have some interesting twists and turns."

As for the games, composer Gustavo Santaolalla has suggested that a new version of Part 2 is on the horizon.

In addition, The Last of Us Part 3 rumours began making rounds again back in July, with reports suggesting "major filming" for the series' next instalment could begin as soon as this year.

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