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Lady Dimitrescu as Thomas the Tank Engine is the headline act in Resident Evil Village's burgeoning mod scene


Resident Evil Village isn't out yet, but its mod scene has already kicked off.

NexusMods' Village page is filling up quick with eye-catching mods for Village's ongoing demo, and, yes, the one I'm going to pull out is about Lady Dimitrescu.

Some initial impressions on how Resident Evil Village runs on Xbox Series consoles, and some quick head-to-heads with PS5.Watch on YouTube

The Count Theodora mod, created by Crazy Potato, replaces Lady Dimitrescu's head with Thomas the Tank Engine. It is as nightmarish as it sounds. Check out Crazy Potato's video, below, to see it in action:

Watch on YouTube

Elsewhere, there's a Barney the Dinosaur mod, from Patreon-funded modder Marcos RC, because of course there is. There's a mod that lets you play as Cassandra, one of the sisters, instead of Ethan Winters.

And - why not? - there's a mod that replaces the knife and handgun with a spoon and banana.

It's early days, of course. When Resident Evil Village comes out later this week, I expect a mod explosion. Certainly one to keep an eye on.

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