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Konami's eFootball has officially-licensed MLS players

Soccer to 'em.

Konami has signed a deal with the Major League Soccer Players Association to grant rights to use all their players in upcoming football game eFootball.

It's a slightly odd announcement, given it mentions the players only, as opposed to having the league also officially licensed. Perhaps this means the MLS players will be free agents in the game.

The trailer, below, shows LA Galaxy's Jonathan Dos Santos expressing his delight at the news.

As we know, PES is no more. In its place is eFootball, which launches in free-to-play, download-only form on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X and S, Xbox One, and Windows 10 and PC via Steam early autumn, with iOS and Android to follow soon after.

At launch, only local matches featuring the likes of Barcelona, Juventus, Bayern and Manchester United will be available, alongside cross-generation matchmaking (PS5 vs PS4, and Xbox Series X and S vs Xbox One). You'll be able to play against CPU teams via local match. During this time eFootball won't have microtransactions, Konami clarified, which means everything will be free-to-play.

Consider eFootball's early autumn launch as "basically a demo", Konami has said.

Konami is expected to announce more officially-licensed leagues soon.

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