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Kojima says you'll be able to hear Death Stranding's creepy jar baby through the creepy Death Stranding PS4 controller

BB monitor.

You know that creepy jar baby in Death Stranding? The one with the thumbs up from down Norman Reedus' throat?

According to Hideo Kojima, you can hear its voice coming out of the creepy Death Stranding controller that comes with the Death Stranding limited edition PlayStation 4.

The babies in Death Stranding are dubbed BBs - that is, they're Bridge Babies. They are used to bridge between the world of the dead and the real world in the game, and are carried around in jars packed with a wee-coloured fluid.

The video, below, explains what's going on - at least, it explains BBs as well as any of Kojima's trailers have explained anything.

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Now, onto the wee-coloured PS4 controller. This is something we reported on earlier in September. Over to Imogen:

"While the ominous yellow colour might remind fans of another feature we saw in a recent trailer, the controller is coloured to match the BB Pod from the game. Death Stranding allows you to rock your controller "to emulate holding the BB pod in your own hands" - perhaps they're hoping the colour scheme will help with the immersion. Unfortunately, there isn't actually a BB on it (or in it) however, that was just a gimmick in the trailer."

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Today, Kojima tweeted to say you can hear the BB through this controller, which sounds pretty creepy and kind of makes me wish there was an actual BB in the controller even more now.

It sounds like this is something you can toggle off and on (it won't be everyone's cup of tea, of course). The question is, is this something exclusive to the Death Stranding limited edition PS4 controller, or can you do it with all PS4 controllers?

Oh, and what noises exactly will you hear?

Not long until we find out.

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