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Kingdom Hearts: VR Experience Part 2 will roll out next week

"Immerse yourself in the world of Kingdom Hearts like never before."

The second part of Kingdom Hearts: VR Experience is rolling out to PSVR on 24th July, 2019.

The update brings the ability to use motion controllers in "some new, yet familiar, worlds like Olympus Coliseum", and enable players to "immerse [themselves] in the world of Kingdom Hearts like never before".

Just like its predecessor, this VR update is free and brings a number of experiences missing from the first VR sample, including Hercules' Olympus Coliseum. It's not clear what - nor how many - areas are included, but PlayStation says the latest instalment will enable you to "relive unforgettable moments" from the game (thanks, Engadget).

If you've yet to jump into Kingdom Hearts 3 yourself, Chris Schilling said in his Eurogamer review that Kingdom Hearts 3 offered "a lot", with an estimated 238 cut-scenes for a game of around 30-40 hours.

"From the dazzling pyrotechnics that accompany many of its special moves to its extravagant, indulgent final act, restraint is not in its vocabulary," Schilling said. "To a point, its aggressive investment in its story is understandable. After all, it has two mainline entries and roughly half a dozen spin-offs' worth of narrative threads to pull together and tie up. But heavens, it shows. This is a game that should really have a spring in its step - this is Disney, for goodness' sake - but it's constantly burdened by its own knotty history."

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