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Kingdom Hearts 3 Ultima Weapon guide: Where to find all Orichalcum+ locations to craft the best keyblade

How to find all Orichaclum+ and synthesise Ultima Weapon in Kingdom Hearts 3.

In Kingdom Hearts 3 Ultima Weapon is the most powerful keyblade available for Sora in Kingdom Hearts 3 - but you'll have to go through quite a long and arduous process to unlock and craft the weapon.

It's worth it if you do, though, as the Ultima Weapon keyblade has 13 Strength and 13 Magic, as well as the Combo Boost, Air Combo Boost and Situation Boost passive abilities.

You'll also be able to use the Ultimate Form formchange, which can unleash a devastating range of attacks to cut through some of the toughest foes in Kingdom Hearts 3!

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How to get the Ultima Weapon in Kingdom Hearts 3

In summary, the steps you need to take to acquire Ultima Weapon are as follows:

  1. Unlock the Moogle Workshop
  2. Acquire the Ultima Weapon recipe by collecting enough synthesis materials to complete the related Collector's Goal
  3. Gather the materials you need to craft Ultima Weapon, including 7 Orichalcum + from various chests and late game activities
  4. Return to the Moogle Workshop to forge the keyblade

It doesn't seem like a lot when broken down that way, but some of the activities you need to complete in order to earn those Orichalcum + can seriously eat up some time.

Below, we'll go into more detail about each step.

Getting the Ultima Weapon in Kingdom Hearts 3 step-by-step

First, you'll need access to the Moogle Workshop in order to synthesise weapons, armour, accessories and items. Fortunately, this will occur naturally throughout the main story at a very early stage.

Then, we would suggest you only start actively working towards crafting Ultima Weapon prior to the final battle or once you've reloaded the game after completing the main story.

The reason for waiting is you'll need access to all seven Disney worlds, plus a number of side areas and activities that only become available late in the game. Once you reach the save point in Scala ad Caelum, that's your cue to decide what you want to do.

Your next major step is acquiring the recipe for Ultima Weapon. Throughout the game, you may have noticed in the Collector's Goals tab of the Moogle Workshop that reaching certain milestones of gathered materials unlocks more equipment for you to synthesise.

A short way down the list is the 'Obtain 58 different synthesis materials' goal - this is the one you need to achieve to obtain the Ultima Weapon recipe.

Sadly, there is no clear and obvious method to hit that target. Chances are, though, that over the course of the game you will have made decent progress on this goal with all the enemies you've defeated and environmental objects you've smashed on your adventure.

For any of the rarer, late game materials, your best option is to head to a world such as San Fransokyo and clear out the harder enemies there. That should reward you with some of the harder to find Crystals of each type. Meanwhile, sailing between the islands of The Caribbean can also net you some elusive materials from enemies and in chests.

Once you complete that Collector's Goal the recipe will become available to you once you return to the Moogle Workshop. Now you'll see that you need to gather 7 Orichalcum +, 2 Wellspring Crystals, 2 Lucid Crystals and 2 Pulsing Crystals.

The Crystals should be easy enough to rustle up without much fuss if you've been smacking every enemy and object in sight. You can even use some excess Wellspring Crystals to synthesise the other Crystals in the Moogle Workshop as they are more readily available from high level Heartless.

The real challenge is the Orichalcum + you need.

Where to find all Orichalcum + locations in Kingdom Hearts 3

There's a grand total of 7 Orichalcum + in the whole of Kingdom Hearts 3. Conveniently, that's exactly the number you need for Ultima Weapon. Some can be more problematic to get than others so we've put together a guide to each of their locations:

Orichalcum + 1 location

For your first Orichalcum + you'll need to snap a photo of 80 Lucky Emblem locations hidden across Kingdom Hearts 3. It's not much of a challenge just a seriously time-consuming job! Do have a read of our Kingdom Hearts 3 Lucky Emblem locations page to find them pronto. Remember that once you're done, you almost have enough to get the secret ending.

Orichalcum + 2 location

You can find this Orichalcum + in a treasure chest in The Caribbean. You'll want to set a course for Exile Island, a small and unassuming blob of land. Right in the centre, you'll find the chest with the material inside.

Orichalcum + 3 location

Another easy one to find. This Orichalcum + is located within The Final World. To return there after Sora's brief trip in the main story you'll need to go to the Keyblade Graveyard - Badlands.

From that save point, immediately turn around and head to the spot where you first arrived in the Keyblade Graveyard. You'll see a red warp gate in the centre of the area that will take you to The Final World. The chest containing the Orichalcum + is immediately in front of you upon entering.

Orchialcum+ 4 location

You'll need a bit of luck to get this piece of Orichalcum + quickly as it is a very rare reward for sending Moogle Postcards in Twilight Town.

The most efficient way to get it is to go to the Tram Common in Twilight Town, buy a single Potion from the Moogle Shop, back out from the store and then drop off the postcard at the box nearby if you're given one. Sadly, you'll just have to repeat this process until you receive the Orichalcum +.

You might want to consider a save before starting this too in case you get extremely unlucky and burn through a huge pile of Munny!

Orichalcum + 5 location

For this piece, you'll need to collect 10 treasures while playing the Frozen Slider mini-game in Arendelle. You can unlock this mini-game by speaking to Elsa outside the ice palace.

Even though each treasure is numbered and encased in a shiny diamond, they can be tough to spot as you're careening down the mountain. The good news is you don't need to collect them all at once and can gather them over multiple runs. Once you collect all 10 and finish a run the Orichalcum + will be given to you.

Thanks to Everglow for the video that handily shows where each treasure is located.

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Orichalcum + 6 location

You'll have to dedicate a bit of time to your Gummi Ship for this penultimate piece of Orichalcum +. You'll need to defeat the Omega Machine boss that resides in The Eclipse galaxy to acquire it - this the last stop on your journey where you'll also find the Keyblade Graveyard.

In order to challenge the Omega Machine, though, you'll first have to emerge victorious in four other Gummi Battles in The Eclipse galaxy. Each one can be found outside by four sides of the giant structure that sits in the centre of the map. If you do a lap you'll bump into them. Defeat all four and Omega Machine will spawn at the top.

It's a very tough fight, so we'd recommend you face it with a Peak Gummi Ship purchased from Huey, Dewey and Louie in Twilight Town. Take your time, destroy some of the turrets to reduce the attacks you need to avoid and focus on dodging the powerful laser blasts. Soon enough, the Orichalcum + will be yours!

Orichalcum + 7 location

The final Orchalcum+ is earned by achieving a high score in all of the Flantastic Seven challenges. One of these strange pudding creatures appears on each world after you complete the main story there, giving you a unique mini-game to play and the chance to earn some rare cooking materials or new abilities.

Get a high enough score in all seven mini-games and you'll be given the Orichalcum +. You'll know when the score you've achieved is sufficient as the flan will jump up in celebration and award you three cooking ingredients instead of just one. If you get one, or none, then you must try again until you do see this.

Here's where you can find each flan:

  • Olympus: Follow the stairs right to the top from the Thebes - Overlook save point.
  • Toy Box: By the Rest Area save point on the first floor of Galaxy Toys.
  • Kingdom of Corona: From Rapunzel's Tower, go back through the secret pathway and it's in the clearing on the other side.
  • Monstropolis: Begin at the Factory - Basement save point and proceed through the small white door leaning against the wall. Move straight through the next area until you reach a wall covered in many small doors. Take the brown one second from the left. Go through a small corridor behind you and you'll see the flan poking out the ground.
  • Arendelle: Go to the Mountain Ridge save point and leap off the cliff edge directly behind the Moogle Shop. You should land right on top of the flan.
  • San Fransokyo: Scale the building immediately in front of the South District save point and move towards the skyscraper with an 'M' on the top. The flan is on the building opposite.
  • The Caribbean: From the Port Royal - Fort save point just head out into courtyard on your immediate right.

Phew! Now you've got all of the materials together it's simply a case of returning to your favourite Moogle Workshop and synthesising the Ultima Weapon.

Congratulations, you now have the best keyblade available in Kingdom Hearts 3 - enjoy that new Ultimate Form!

You now might be thinking - what can I use this thing against? There are a number of Kingdom Hearts 3 Battlegates to take on which might fulfil that criteria nicely!

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