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King of Fighters 13 patch released on PS3

Aims to improve online play. Xbox 360 soon.

The long-awaited King of Fighters 13 patch has been released.

It's out now on PlayStation 3 and will be out soon on Xbox 360, Rising Star Games said.

The patch focuses on improving the fighting game's much maligned online play.

The patch notes in full:

  • Ranked Match Filtering: One of the most requested additions, players may now set conditions for their opponent's connection. When a player who doesn't meet the standby conditions tries to enter the Ranked match, a warning message will be displayed and the match cancelled.
  • Improved Filtering: Filtering functionality in general has seen dramatic improvements. Previously, certain connection data was not filtered sufficiently and the player had a chance of connecting to opponents with poor connection quality. Now, more aggressive filtering should ensure that players are only matched with opponents who meet their filter settings.
  • Improved Connection Antenna: The computation behind the players' connection antenna, the meter indicating the quality of a player's connection, has been improved, resulting in a more accurate and consistent measurement.
  • Temporarily Saved Custom Match Settings: Players may continue searching for opponents with the same settings as long as the player remains in the PLAYER MATCH/RANKED MATCH menu.
  • Character-specific Bug Fixes: "NESTS-Style" Kyo and Iori with the Power of Flames no longer become unresponsive under certain circumstances.
  • Additional refinements, fixes, and more.

Meanwhile, US publisher Atlus announced a $10 price drop for the game ahead of its appearance at the EVO 2012 fighting tournament later this year. No word yet on whether UK publisher Rising Star Games will follow suit on these shores.

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