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Killzone 3 XP, trip to E3 up for grabs

Firing range calls for recruits.

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Sony has offered Killzone 3 fans experience points, a trip to game show E3 this summer and even the opportunity to fire a real life Helghast gun – over the internet.

It's part of what's called Killzone 3 Ultimate Recruit, a competition designed to help build up a Killzone 3 online community.

Sign up, and you get a video briefing from someone called Sergeant McCain, an "experienced ISA campaigner".

You then have to spot symbols hidden online, photograph them and send the via MMS to a campaign shortcode. Then, there's a sort of online detective hunt to embark on.

The first 500 recruits to complete all the training missions earn a place on the Live Fire Range over the internet. It's here that you'll have a chance at firing a Helghast StA 52 Assault Rifle at fully mechanized targets, equipped with hit sensors to give real-time feedback and scoring.

The two highest scoring recruits on the Live Fire Range will each win an all expenses paid trip to the E3 Gaming Expo in Los Angeles.

The missions are currently live. Other prizes include experience points and limited edition Helghast sets.

Killzone 3 went on sale in the UK on Friday and went straight in at number one in the UK all formats chart.

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