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Killzone 3 trophies unveiled

Vets win prizes.

A full list of Killzone 3 trophies – minus a few hidden awards – is now available for your perusal.

The game's producer Aryeh Loeb handed details of all 31 non-hidden trophies to the PlayStation Blog, adding that there were a further 20 secret badges that you'll have find out about for yourself.

Here's the full list:

Bronze Trophies

  • Ready for Battle: Complete weapons training in Prologue
  • In Your Face: First Brutal Melee
  • No Witnesses: Destroy all dropships in Broken Highway
  • Mopping Up: Kill 40 or more Helghast foot soldiers in Senlin Beach
  • Sawn Off: Destroy all chasing APCs in Senlin Beach
  • Smoking Wrecks: Destroy all tanks in Senlin Beach
  • Turn the Tables: Kill a Capture Trooper using melee
  • Spiky Personality: Kill a Helghast by shooting a Burster Plant in Jungle Valley
  • Minigunned: Destroy all targets while on the Intruder in Frozen Shores
  • Quick Exit: Escape the oil rig quickly in Frozen Shores
  • Shattered: Destroy all glass in the labs in Stahl Arms South
  • Pinpoint: Kill the Heavy with an StA-14 in Blind Yards
  • Evening the Odds: Kill 500 Helghast
  • Cagefighter: Kill 10 Helghast using Brutal Melee
  • Frag Out: Kill 3 Helghast with 1 Frag Grenade
  • One Each: Kill 3 Helghast with the Shotgun Pistol – no reloads
  • Eagle Eye: Every Sniper Rifle bullet is a kill – no reloads
  • Power Spike: Nail a Helghast to an exploding object
  • Up Close & Personal: Brutal Melee another player
  • Team Player: Play a match as a part of a squad
  • Medic!: Revive another player
  • Handy Man: Repair an object
  • Now You See Me: Kill using Cloak
  • Spy Game: Kill using Disguise
  • Turf War: Capture a Tactical Spawn Point

Silver Trophies

  • Now it's Personal: Kill 1,000 Helghast
  • Fight to the Last: Kill 1,500 Helghast
  • Close Quarters Killer: Kill 25 Helghast with Brutal Melee
  • Hand to Hand Master: Kill 50 Helghast with Brutal Melee

Gold Trophies

  • Victory: Complete Campaign on Elite
  • Grand Slam: Win a match in 3 multiplayer modes

Guerrilla Games' shooter – which won a sturdy 8/10 from Eurogamer's Dan Whitehead - storms the PlayStation 3 on 25th February.