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Killzone 3 open beta starts 3rd February

Four multiplayer modes available.

A Killzone 3 open beta kicks off on 3rd February and runs until the 15th, Sony has confirmed.

Downloadable from the PlayStation Store, it will offer early access to three online multiplayer modes and one offline mode.

Guerrilla Warfare, which supports 16 players, is a classic Team Deathmatch mode in which you and your teammates must try to kill as many of the opposing team as you can against the clock.

Warzone, which supports 24 players, returns from Killzone 2, offering a round-based multiplayer campaign consisting of five randomly ordered mini-missions.

Operations, which supports 16 players, is a new mode which aims to deliver a more story-based gameplay experience, consisting of a sequence of linear mini-missions.

Finally, Botzone is an offline multiplayer mode "ideal for those looking to get to grips with the controls, the weapons or the map layout before going up against live players" according to the PlayStation Blog.

The beta features just one map, the "sprawling asymmetrical" Frozen Dam.

Guerilla Games' shooter launches on PlayStation 3 on 25th February.