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Killzone 3 has 70 mins of cutscenes

And an inevitable 18-rating.

PlayStation 3 exclusive first-person shooter Killzone 3 contains over 70 minutes of cutscenes.

That's according to the BBFC, which has just slapped an 18-rating certificate on the gritty sci-fi FPS.

Predictably, Killzone 3 contains "strong bloody violence and strong language". Thankfully, it was passed with no cuts made.

The age rating comes as no surprise. Last year Guerrilla Games' Steven Ter Heide told Eurogamer that swearing had been curtailed for Killzone 3, but it was still "firmly aiming" to be an 18-rated game.

"Our sound director is here today and we said to him, 'Go through the entire database and, anything that's got s*** or f*** in it, just get rid of it - we don't want to hear it ever again!" he said.

"We feel the dialogue in there shouldn't be gratuitous; it should be about advancing the story and natural responses. It shouldn't be off-the-scale swearing.

"We've toned it down a little bit to make sure that the story comes across in the way we wanted it to come across," he added. "That's definitely one of the points we took on board from Killzone 2."