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Killzone 2 demo due day before launch

In the US. Still no word on Europe.

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Sony America plans to offer a Killzone 2 demo to the general public on Thursday 26th February, a day before the confirmed US release.

Previously the PS3 sampler had been restricted to GameStop pre-orderers, which are rewarded with an access code to download the Killzone 2 demo on 2nd February.

"Offering a playable demo to motivate pre-orders speaks to our confidence in the appeal of a game such as Killzone 2. We take this approach when we are convinced that the experience will cement a consumer's interest in purchasing," Scott Steinberg, Sony US marketeer, told MTV Multiplayer.

"We also offer demos on PSN, which we have done in the past with great success, and will continue to make that available. Killzone 2, for example, will have a downloadable demo launch in North America the week that the game is launching, for consumers who prefer that option."

Sony Europe has yet to tell us when Killzone 2 or the Killzone 2 demo will appear here. We're also awaiting confirmation of a PS3 Killzone 2 bundle. Apparently we like the dark.

But we're chasing and will let you know when we do.

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