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Kerbal Space Program lands on various schools' curriculum

From the company that brought you MinecraftEdu.

Back in 2012 we wrote about TeacherGaming, an organisation that brought a classroom friendly version of Minecraft to schools. Now the company has expanded its repertoire by partnering with a second indie developer to use its game for educational purposes. That game: Kerbal Space Program, an aerospace engineering sim that serves as the natural evolution of the good old bottle rocket.

One small step for Kerbals, one giant leap for educational gaming in schools.

TeacherGaming is working with Kerbal developer Squad on an education-themed mod for the game entitled KerbalEdu that will make it more conducive to a classroom environment. This will include an improved UI for easier data gathering and summary, pre-made lessons that focus on certain constructions, options to use the metric system, and a "robust pedagogy" that includes information outside of the game that ties into its content.

No release date has been announced for KerbalEdu, but it's said to be in "the early stages of development."

In the meantime, TeacherGaming is selling ordinary Kerbal Space Program licenses at a reduced price available only to educators. Those in the industry will be able to purchase Kerbal for PC, Mac and Linux at $17 rather than its usual $27 asking price. Additionally, teachers can purchase 25 licenses for $330, making it only $13.20 per copy. Those who purchase the untailored version of Kerbal Space Program now will receive the KerbalEdu mod at no additional charge upon its release.

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