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Kerbal Space Program 2 player count has already dropped below first game

Update coming in next couple of weeks.

Kerbal Space Program 2 has had a rocky launch.

On the space-flight simulator's release in Early Access, many found the game unplayable due to a collection of bugs and frame-rate issues. At this time, many reviewers on Steam suggested players stick to the original Kerbal Space Program game until the developer irons out some of the kinks plaguing its sequel.

And, well, it looks like many are doing just that, with Kerbal Space Program 2's player count already dropping below its predecessor's numbers in recent days.

Kerbal Space Program 2 Early Access launch cinematic.Watch on YouTube

Figures via Steam Charts show that Kerbal Space Program 2 saw a peak of 11,812 players on Sunday, 26th February. At this time, there were 9515 would-be astronauts also playing the original Kerbal Space Program release.

However, over the last week, player numbers for both games have dropped. But while Kerbal Space Program has remained relatively consistent in terms of users, its sequel has seen a much sharper decline in player numbers.

At the time of writing, there are only 1052 users exploring the Kerbol System in Kerbal Space Program 2. Meanwhile, 3284 are taking to the skies in the original (see below).

Image via Steam Charts.

Developer Intercept Games is aware of the sequel's issues, and has promised a patch will be released for Kerbal Space Program 2 in the coming weeks.

This update will address the fixes noted below, as well as "many other improvements". The developer has stated it will "break [these] down in more detail" when the update is live.

So, those fixes. As per Intercept Games, these are as follows:


  • Optimisation: Main menu loading time reduced for min spec machines
  • Optimisation: runway light geometry simplified
  • Optimisation: engine exhaust CPU usage reduced
  • Optimisation: 50% reduction in main thread time spent on UI


  • Fixed: KSC and other objects follow vehicle to orbit
  • Fixed: Engine plate floating node joints less rigid than other stack node joints (were not receiving multijoint reinforcement)
  • Fixed: Planned trajectory enters runaway state when switching between flight view and map while engine is burning
  • Fixed: Kerbals fall through ground when traversing ground near launchpad
  • Fixed: Spotlight/headlight parts have dim bulbs and low effective range
  • Fixed: Low-mass parts never stop moving on low gravity celestial bodies
  • Fixed: RoveMax TR4 wheels sink into ground and spring craft upward when returned to focus
  • Fixed: Loss of vehicle control when reverting to launch on runway
  • Fixed: Physics impulse occurs when engine runs out of one fuel type, causing loss of vehicle
  • Fixed: Game breaking when loading to VAB or loading a saved game with a vessel in flight
  • Fixed: Animation stutters when EVA Kerbal is running
  • Fixed: Large ladder disappears when base of ladder outside of camera view


  • Fixed: Ground decal applies to vehicles traversing margin of KSC grounds (removes Predator camo effect applied to rovers at edges of KSC)
  • Fixed: Kerbin atmosphere and ocean vanish after returning to KSC from non-atmospheric celestial body
  • Improved: Floating rocks/mesh scatter (floating reduced)
  • Fixed: Kerbol lens flare still visible when observer is close to star
  • Fixed: Improved collision for structures around KSC, including parking garage and fuel facilities
  • Fixed: Clouds missing from celestial bodies when viewed from long distance
  • Fixed: Atmosphere missing from Kerbin when viewed from the Mun's SOI
  • Fixed: Laythe atmosphere appears broken in map view

User Interface

  • Fixed: Camera middle-mouse movement axis does not switch to horizontal when in horizontal build mode
  • Fixed: Launch Assembly tool breaks after repeated use in VAB
  • Fixed: Debris not targetable
  • Fixed: Time warp controls not accessible on KSC landing screen
  • Fixed: Debris trajectory lines only appear after switching to flight and back to map
  • Fixed: Some graphics settings adjust to "medium" after setting quality preset to "high"
  • Fixed: Game crashes when returning to the main menu from VAB
  • Fixed: Broken/empty Kerbal portraits in flight view
  • Fixed: No orbit line after loading a saved game
  • Fixed: Some difficulty settings don't persist after ESC menu closure
  • Fixed: No portrait representation in flight for probe cores

Kerbal Space Program 2's roadmap.

Additionally, the Kerbal Space Program 2 team has a roadmap laid out for the game that will see more features added to the sequel that were missing from the first. This includes multiplayer and the addition of colonies, as shown in the image above.

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