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Kerbal Space Program is coming to PS4

"Space is for everyone, regardless of how you prefer to play."

Kerbal Space Program, a cartoony aerospace engineering sim we deemed essential, is heading to PS4.

Developer Squad made the announcement on its official blog.

"As the fanbase of our game has grown, we've received a constant influx of pokes and requests from people asking us to bring our game to PS4. With the power of current generation PS4 and the flexibility and ease of use of the Unity engine, bringing KSP over to the PS4 is simply a no brainer," the developer stated. "Space is for everyone, regardless of how you prefer to play."

This console port is being handled by Flying Tiger Entertainment. Squad noted that "the PS4 controller has systems that make building and flying rockets just as easy and intuitive as the PC version."

Regarding the question of whether a console port would impede development of the PC version, Squad said, "Absolutely not. If anything, working in collaboration with Flying Tiger has helped us speed up processes like the Unity 5 upgrade, but in general the two will remain separate versions of the game, much like the educational version TeacherGaming works on!"

You may remember TeacherGaming as the company that makes a classroom-friendly version of Minecraft.

Kerbal Space Program was released in an unfinished form as early as June 2011, but it didn't see an official release until this April on PC, Mac and Linux.

"There's no better way to both appreciate the real-world achievement that made it possible for us to go to the Moon in the 60s, and to enjoy the vicarious delight as your army of adorable little astronauts finally make it to the Mun, and beyond," said Eurogamer contributor Richard Cobbett in his glowing Kerbal Space Program review.

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