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Kaos promises "exciting" Homefront DLC

Xbox 360 profile freeze update live.

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Kaos Studios has confirmed first-person shooter Homefront will get "exciting" downloadable content and promised to continue to support the game.

Following last night's news that owner THQ had let go 17 staff, Kaos has vowed to continue to support the game.

"We have a full-time team here at Kaos Studios dedicated to ongoing support on the technical side," reads a post of the game's website, "as well as development of a wide range of exciting DLC that we're not quite ready to talk about just yet, but hope to unveil to you in the very near future."

"We'd like to thank you for your continued patience," the team added, "and assure you that we will continue to support our multiplayer community for many months to come."

In a statement issued last night confirming lay-offs at Kaos and Saints Row developer Volition, THQ moved to calm fears that Homefront would be left out to dry.

"Kaos has a dedicated team in place that will continue to support Homefront with an ongoing, robust DLC and content plan, as well as working on pre-production for future games.

"We have made changes to ensure that the team size aligns to the current stages of internal product development."

Meanwhile, the promised Xbox 360 Homefront title update is available now. Kaos expects it to address all profile freezing issues. Further improvements are in the works, too.

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