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Jedi Fallen Order - Nydak Alpha strategy and location explained

How to beat the optional mini-boss.

Nydak Alpha is one of four Legendary Beasts you can find in Jedi: Fallen Order.

Though this mini-boss is optional and can be escaped upon discovering, it is a challenge most players will be up for.

This page explains where to find Nydak Alpha and how to beat it.

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Nydak Alpha location

The Nydak Alpha can be found in the Nightmare Ruins. Make your way to the entrance to the Tomb of Kujet, and look to the right of the two pillars.

There, you can run across two walls that lead directly to the Nydack Alpha's arena. The closest save point to this fight is in the Nightmare Ruins, but you can only travel between there and the Nydack Alpha after you return from Ilum.

If you want to tackle this fight before you enter the ruins for the first time, take the save point in the Brother's Bastion instead.

How to beat Nydak Alpha

Like any Nydak, the alpha is super aggressive and will seemingly always be trying to hit you. Not only can it chain together big combos that will deal big damage to either your health bar or your block bar, it has long distance unblockable moves that leave little opportunity to heal. Of all the legendary beasts, this one is probably the hardest.

In terms of blockable moves, the Nydack Alpha has the following:

  • A four-hit combo starting with his right arm. While this is technically blockable, blocking all three of the four hits will break you guard. This will leave you open to the fourth hit. You can dodge around this series of hits, but be careful as it will continue to swing in your direction even if it misses. Often times to dodge all four hits, you have to dodge the attack twice. It's also important that you don't dodge backwards, as the following hits in the combo will catch you.
  • A three-hit combo ending in an unblockable attack. While this starts the same way as the previous move, its third attack differs greatly. Instead of another horizontal swing, the third hit of this combo will be an uppercut. When you see the uppercut, get ready to dodge the unblockable.

As for unblockable moves, the Nydack Alpha has two. These are:

  • A long range leap that it does whenever you are a long distance away from it. The move has a long wind up, so it's easy to see coming. You can either dodge left, right, or forward to avoid it. Be careful not to dodge too early though, as the move tracks you up until the Nydack Alpha leaves the ground.
  • An overhead slam that comes after its three-hit combo. This also has a long start-up before it hits, so if you're close to the Nydack Alpha while the move is coming, you have plenty of time to dodge in any direction you want.

With the Nydack Alpha's long combos that deal lots of damage to both your health and your block bar. The best way to kill it is either to keep your distance and take dodge his unblockables or to cause him to stagger with parries.

Be careful when parrying, as the Nydack Alpha has a special gimmick. If you parry one of his normal attacks, it will recoil backwards for another swing. Parry the second swing, and it will use a special unblockable attack which is super easy to dodge.

After this attack, the Nydack Alpha will fall to the ground, allowing for several free strikes.

If you dodge his second strike, it will fall over regardless. So if you want to play it safe, just parry once then dodge.

As for force abilities, the Nydack Alpha can be slowed with a standard slow. So if you're low on health or need to get one last hit in, you can always force slow him for an easy attack.

If you've invested in a stronger force pull / push. You can cause the Nydack Alpha to stagger or even fall over. This provides yet another opportunity to heal or attack.

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