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Jedi Fallen Order - Rabid Jotaz strategy and location explained

How to beat the optional mini-boss.

Rabid Jotaz is one of four Legendary Beasts you can find in Jedi: Fallen Order.

Though this mini-boss is optional and can be escaped upon discovering, it is a challenge most players will be up for.

This page explains where to find Rabid Jotaz and how to beat it.

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Rabid Jotaz location

The Rabid Jotaz can be found on Zeffo, near the crash site save point. From the save spot, jump down and into the water below. Swim left to the body of land with a regular Jotaz, climb up, and kill it.

Once you've done that, climb up the red grate to the platform above and walk into the wreckage ahead of you. There, you'll see a panel you can overcharge that will disable a force field stopping you from entering the wreckage.

Disable the force field, then head inside through a gap in the wall. Cut through some debris and proceed up a staircase in a dark circular room. Once you reach the top, there will be another gap you can climb through.

At the other side of this gap is the room where the Rabid Jotaz is waiting. Jump down and start swinging to start the fight.

How to beat Rabid Jotaz

The Rabid Jotaz, like the regular jotaz, uses slow attacks that deal a lot of damage if they hit you. Not only that, but when blocked they also take off a huge amount of your block meter, so you've got to be careful not to have your guard broken in the middle of it's attack.

The Rabid Jotaz has four regular attacks that you can block and parry:

  • The first is a three-hit combination. It will start with the Jotaz winding up for a big swing with its left arm, a swing with its right, then a delayed swing from his left. Blocking or parrying these swings does not stop the combo, and you cannot get any hits in between the Jotaz's strikes. If you do get hit by the first swing, don't panic! The time between the first swing and the second is long enough so that you can block the upcoming hit if the previous one connects. However, be careful if you decide to block the entire combo, as it will certainly deplete your entire block meter.
  • The second normal attack it has is a single punch with its right arm. The Rabid Jotaz only does this move if you're standing far away from it, so keep it in mind if you're backing up to heal. This attack when blocked will take away roughly 75% of your block meter. Since it has no way to follow up this attack, feel free to hit it once or twice after blocking it.
  • The third normal attack is another singular punch, this time with it's left arm. This is practically the same as the Rabid Jotaz's other long-range attack. It does a large amount of damage if it hits, and takes a hefty chunk of your block bar if you guard it. If you know what a haymaker looks like, it resembles that somewhat.
  • Finally, it has a roar attack. This is an uncommon move the Rabid Jotaz will sometimes do if you are at a medium range to it. It's the quickest move the Jotaz does, but it won't hit you unless you're right in its face. The Jotaz will swing both its arms in a forward, hitting anything a short distance in front of it. You can parry this if you're quick enough, or you could simply block it if you don't mind losing a decent piece of you guard meter.

As for unblockables, The Rabid Jotaz has one; Jotaz will glow red - signalling the attack is unblockable - then it will roar and lift its arms above its head. Be careful, as his arms can hit you on the way up. Then, the Rabid Jotaz will take a step forward before slamming his arms into the ground.

This attack deals loads of damage. Luckily, due to the long wind-up to the attack, it is easily dodged by either rolling towards the Jotaz, or to the side. Be careful not to roll too early, otherwise the Jotaz will slam you regardless. Try to wait until it takes his big step forwards before dodging.

The key to success in this fight is dodging. All of the Rabid Jotaz's attacks are really slow, so it's relatively easy to dodge around it and hit it a couple of times while it's facing away from you.

While swings to the Jotaz's face or belly doesn't phase it, a swing to the back will cause it to stagger. So try and get behind him whenever you can.

As a rule of thumb, try to dodge towards the attack. As counter intuitive as that sounds, it's the best way to avoid getting hit. Your dodge in Jedi: Fallen Order has invincibility frames, meaning you are unhittable during the dodge animation.

Therefore, a well-timed dodge towards one of the Rabid Jotaz's big swings will leave you out untouched and in a great position for a counterattack.

As for force abilities, you can't rely on force slow as you would in other fights. If you try to use the standard slow on the Rabid Jotaz, you'll use your force meter but the Jotaz will remain unchanged.If you've gained the skill howling push you can actually push the Rabid Jotaz over, allowing for some easy damage.

The same goes for grasping pull which can stagger the Rabid Jotaz allowing for easy damage.

All done? There are more Legendary Beasts to fight if you haven't already tracked them down, including:

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