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Jedi Fallen Order - Albino Wyyyschokk strategy and location explained

How to beat the optional mini-boss.

Albino Wyyyschokk is one of four Legendary Beasts you can find in Jedi: Fallen Order.

Though this mini-boss is optional and can be escaped upon discovering, it is a challenge most players will be up for.

This page explains where to find Albino Wyyyschokk and how to beat it.

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Albino Wyyyschokk location

To find the Albino Wyyyschokk, go to outside save point in the Imperial Refinery. From there, climb up to the higher platform next to the save point. Once you've climbed up, head straight past some crates and a red barrel until you reach a dark hole in the wall you can crawl through.

Climb through, and you'll reach a hidden room with a force echo. As soon as you jump down to the floor below, you'll be attacked by the Albino Wyyschokk.

How to beat Albino Wyyyschokk

Upon first entering the arena, you'll be jumped by the Albino Wyyyschokk, so be ready for a jump scare and to furiously mash B / circle.

This only happens the first time you encounter the beast after landing on the planet, with the Wyyyshokk walking around in the open if you return after dying. Therefore, if you don't manage to kill it first try, don't sweat! It just means you can get a free jumping attack next time.

Like all Wyyyshokk's the Albino Wyyyshokk is vulnerable from behind. In this fight, it's just you versus the giant spider, so there's nothing else distracting it. While this does make it harder to get a clean hit on the sack, it's still possible. Try to dodge around its attacks to get a single hit if you're playing it safe and want some good damage.

The Albino Wyyyschokk has two normal attacks that you can block and parry:

  • The first is a ranged web attack, which has the Albino Wyyyschokk shooting out three balls of webbing in your direction. When the webbing hits the ground, the webbing spreads across it. When moving around this ground you're substantially slower, so try to keep your surroundings in mind. It's better for the webs to hit the ground than you though, as if they do you need to mash your way out to escape. If you don't mash out in time, you're going to get hit.
  • The second attack is a bite that the Albino Wyyyshokk does when you're close by. This attack starts with the Wyyyshokk spreading its jaws open and lurching back, before it leaps forwards quickly for a bite. This move is easily dodge and it doesn't take much away from your block bar if your guard it. But, if you manage to parry it, you'll stagger the Wyyyschokk, allowing you to get a ton of damage in for free. The trick to nailing the parry timing is to wait until it starts to lurch forward, and hitting block then. The move does very little damage, so it's always worth trying to parry - the reward makes the risk worth it.

As for unblockable attacks, the Albino Wyyyschokk only has one, and that's with its front legs. This attack takes a long time to come out, but the start-up animation tracks you as you move - so you have to dodge at the last moment.

This move can be recognised by the Albino Wyyyshokk standing up on its back four legs, showing you its belly and spreading its front legs wide. It will stay like this for a second, before leaping forward towards you. When it does, dodge roll left, right, or towards it to avoid the attack.

The trick to this fight is having a great defense, and being able to recognise the Albino Wyyyshokk's attacks. Stick back and wait to see what it's about to do, then punish accordingly.

Are you a parry mastermind? Then make sure to counter every bite into a full combo by parrying it when it goes for a nibble. If you can't parry so good, it's no problem at all.

Just block the bite and get a swing in, stay out of the webs, and be sure to dodge the unblockable leap attack at the right minute. Get a single hit or two after each of these and the Albino Wyyyshokk will be dead in no time. As for force abilities, the Albino Wyyyschokk is force slowable, so if you'd like some extra damage you can slow it, move behind and attack the sack. Slowing the Wyyyshokk can also allow for an opportunity to heal if you need to.

You can get an added advantage with the howling push or grasping pull force upgrades, which will stagger it allowing for free damage.

All done? There are more Legendary Beasts to fight if you haven't already tracked them down, including:

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