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Japan getting new Monster Hunter next March

Will Capcom Switch it up?

A Japan-only Nintendo Direct has just revealed that a new Monster Hunter is coming next year, with Monster Hunter XX currently scheduled for a Japanese launch on March 18th on the Nintendo 3DS. Will that be the only Nintendo platform it's coming out for next March? Maybe I don't know what do I look like Mystic Meg?

Monster Hunter XX, as its name suggests, is a follow-up to Monster Hunter X, which launched in the west earlier this year and was pretty good thank you very much. The new Monster Hunter features two new hunter styles, an all-new area and new monsters.

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There's already rampant speculation that the March 18th date might pertain to the launch of Nintendo's Switch console, which we already know is coming next March. Nintendo has said it's not going to reveal any games or further information on the console in 2016, with an event lined up for January 13th that will go into full detail. Will Monster Hunter XX make an appearance at the Japanese event? I DON'T KNOW.

I know that it's probably wise for Capcom to not take this X thing any further, and for the sake of my hard-drive and browsing history I'm refusing to Google Monster Hunter XXX.

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