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Monster Hunter is coming to Switch this August

As XX becomes Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate.

Capcom has announced that Monster Hunter will finally be coming to Switch in the west on August 28th, in the form of Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate.

That, as Monster Hunter fans will doubtless have already twigged, is the newly localised name for Monster Hunter XX - which released on Switch (and 3DS) in Japan last year. Monster Hunter XX is, in turn, the spruced up and expanded version Monster Hunter X, known as Monster Hunter Generations over here, which launched on 3DS in 2016. Notably, Generations Ultimate will not be getting a western release on 3DS.

If you've already sunk many hours into Monster Hunter Generations on 3DS, the good news is that you'll be able to transfer your progress over to the new Switch version come August. Then, once you've successfully made the jump, you'll be able to take advantage of the considerable additions that the new version piles onto the original template.

Cover image for YouTube videoMonster Hunter Generations Ultimate - Announcement Trailer

For Monster Hunter pros, the most interesting of these will undoubtedly be the introduction of a proper G Rank. These missions notably increase the original game's (rather low) challenge with quests focussed on remixed monsters featuring new attacks and behaviours. With these new monster comes new gear, of course, far better than anything in the original Generations.

Ultimate also introduces a selection of new, returning, and alternate-type creatures to hunt. There are apparently a total of 129 monsters in Ultimate (36 small and 93 large), with many of those being classic fan-favourites that didn't make the original Generations line-up, including the likes of the Barioth and the Diablos.

There are also six new extra-tough Deviant variants, including all of the Fated Four, as well as the new Elder Dragon Valstrax and new endgame boss Ahtal-Ka.

Lastly, Generations Ultimate features two new hunting styles to complement the existing Guild, Striker, Adept, and Aerial styles. These are Alchemy and Valor - both of which you can explore in more detail over on Capcom's announcement post. A brief taste of at least some of these additions is also offered in the trailer above.

As a reminder, Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate launches on Switch on August 28th. It also features the Nargacuga, as all good Monster Hunter games should (please come to World).